Read our regulations.

The library is for everyone.

The library is for everyone, and it is free to borrow and use the facilities.

User registration

To borrow books, music, and other materials, you must be registered as a user. This must be done electronically through the library's website. Please note that some of the library's services can only be used if you live in the municipality.

You can register as a user here

Foreigners without a permanent residence permit must register at one of libraries and bring a passport or refugee card. If you do not have a fixed address, the library may charge a deposit, and there may be restrictions on borrowing rights.

Children and young people under 18 can choose to get a special borrower card. The card must be brought every time you borrow. The borrower card is personal, and you are responsible for the material borrowed on it. If you lose the card, you must immediately contact the library to have it blocked.

You must inform the library if you change your address, email, phone number, etc. You can update your information on your user profile on the library's website or by personal attendance.

Loan and return

When registering as a user, you choose a PIN code that is used for borrowing, reservation, renewals, borrower status, and other digital services offered by the library.

The loan period is usually 31 days. It will be stated on the material if the loan period is different.

You can see return deadlines on your loan receipt.

When returning, you will receive a return receipt as documentation.

On the library's loan machines, website, and app, you can see your borrower status and keep track of your current loans and reservations.


You can renew the loan period on the material you have borrowed if it is not reserved by others. The library can renew for you - or you can do it yourself, either in the self-service machine or by logging into your borrower status on the library's website.

Loan limitations

Normally, you can only renew a maximum of 10 times. Express loans cannot be renewed. The library can set limits on the number of loans and reservations you have.


If a desired material is borrowed, you can reserve it on the library's website - or you can ask the staff to do it for you.

Materials that Rudersdal Libraries do not have in their collection, we can try to order from other libraries. You can also borrow materials from other libraries via

You will receive a message from the library when a material is ready for pickup. Reservations must be picked up within 7 days.

Fees and replacements

If the loan period is not observed, a fee must be paid. See the rates here.

Damaged or lost materials must be replaced. The replacement price corresponds to the library's cost of reacquisition + administrative costs.

If it concerns parts of a larger work, the library may require compensation for the entire work.

Please note that DVDs, console games, and audiobooks may be very expensive to reacquire due to copyright issues.

The library assumes no responsibility for damage that has occurred to the user's own machine in connection with the use of home-lent materials.

Internet at the library

It is free to use the library's computers with internet access.

Exclusion and expulsion

If you do not maintain good order and follow the staff's instructions, you may be expelled.

You may be excluded from borrowing more materials if you have repeatedly failed to return borrowed materials in undamaged condition or if you owe 200 DKK or more in fees/replacements.

Outstanding amounts are transferred to the The Danish Debt Collection Agency for recovery.